The usage of bongs australia

Seeing bongs for the first time, it may be confusing mostly for someone who never saw any before. In the reality, the water bongs are simple and they can be used by anyone. The water bongs cool and filter your smoke so the experience is going to be enjoyable and smooth. By using the water filtered bongs, it is one of the healthiest, smoothest and cleanest ways that you can use to smoke the tobacco with other products as far as you are able to keep your bongs Australia clean.

Fill the water into the bongs so that it can cover the downstem. You need to remove the downstem so that you can fill the chamber using water and all the holes into a downstem have to be covered. It has to be too low to avoid the spillage of the water in carb if the bongs you use have it. The water should be at least an inch over the end of the downstem.  Temperature of the water used in bongs, may depend on what a person likes over something else. There are people who like warm or cold water while others may be well with only a room temperature.  You should not believe that using more water in bongs is better since it only requires too much effort of the lungs to be able to pull the air within the water and if you use more water, it means that you work harder to pull the smoke out. You should test the water in the bongs, when you take a deep and quick breath using the mouthpiece, it has to bubble up but it should not come up to reach your lips.


If the bongs you use have percolator, fill the water inside. The percs or percolator is a small addition on the bongs’ neck and it can filter the smoke even further. They may be branched using a rounded dome, notched tubes, circular disks and trees. Regardless the design, the purpose is the same. The percolators of the bongs have to be filled with the water that covers all the air holes at a certain level. The percolator of bongs is filled through a mouthpiece and not through the downstem.

The ice is used in the bongs, to cool down the smoke and some people agree that it makes it easy to inhale the smoke. There are bongs that have the ice pinches which is the place where the ice cubes are put.  This makes the smoke to pass within the cold air into the neck and it is cooled before it enters in the mouth.  There are people who prefer to use hot water in their bongs since it increases the moisture within the lungs.

Before you continue to add the herbs you want to smoke in bongs, you should slide the downstem to take a test drag. When the water hits the lips, you need to pour some water out.  In case the water in bongs’ percs is not bubbling if you inhale, you need to add more water so that there can be honeycombing and big bubbles within the glass while inhaling from the bongs.

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